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As a commercial partner of Eurocopter, Indocopters advises operators and potential clients on the helicopter type best suited for their intended operations.

Indocopters also models helicopter ownership solutions for its customers. It facilitates all regulatory processes leading to import and operationalisation of the Helicopter.

To provide pan India product support, Indocopters has set up additional Maintenance Centres in Mumbai, Bhubaneswar and Bangalore. These are approved by the Indian civil aviation authorities, DGCA and by Eurocopter for the EC120, AS350B3, EC130, EC135, EC145 and EC155B1 helicopters. Indocopters is a one window solution for our customers and prospects.

When you buy an aircraft from us, we assist you in:

  • Applying for the requisite import license from the Indian authorities (NOC, NSOP etc.)
  • Importing the helicopter from Eurocopter overseas facilities
  • Indian custom clearance formalities
  • Obtaining necessary permissions from the Civil Aviation Authorities (C of A, C of R, etc)
  • Deregistration and Indian registration of the aircraft

Indocopters Private Limited is a commercial partner of Eurocopter and authorized maintenance centre for Eurocopter in India, selling and supporting their advanced range of helicopters across the country.


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