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EC120 B
EC130 B4
AS350 B3


The EC130 B4 is the new generation light single engine helicopter that has all the latest cutting-edge technology with a spacious and modular cabin seating 7-8 pasengers.

It features a low external noise achieved by the low noise "Fenestron®" and the automatic control of the rotor RPM.

The EC130 B4 is powered by a FADEC equipped Turbomeca ARRIEL 2B1 turbine engine, complete with dual channel digital engine control system (FADEC),

With exceptional visibility, quietness, performance and safety, this adaptable helicopter is particularly suited to private users. The luggage compartment has been enlarged by 25% compared to the AS350 and the large sliding door and long boarding steps at both sides of the aircraft allow easy access to the cabin.

Application Areas

EC130 B4 Corporate (1951 KB)

EC130 B4 Maintenance (553 KB)

EC130 B4 EMS (720 KB)

EC130 B4 Police (973 KB)

EC130 B4 Tourism (2717 KB)

Helicopter Dimensions
Cabin Dimensions
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