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AS355 N


A light twin-engine, powerful multi mission helicopter, the advanced cockpit design, modern avionics, Fenestron® and bearingless main rotor provides superior performance and outstanding maneuverability.

The EC135P2i/T2i gives a choice of 2 engines – the Turbomeca ARRIUS 2B2 or the Pratt and Whitney 206B2 models both featuring FADEC control. The aircraft has been designed with a high degree of crashworthiness provided by energy absorbing fuselage and seats as well as crash resistant fuel cells

The wide cabin and roomy seating offers notable comfort for 5 VIP, or up to 6/7 passengers as a corporate shuttle. The low-noise and vibration levels create a pleasant and restful atmosphere for the travelers and crew and the oversized side-sliding doors enable passengers to easily board and exit. In addition, the helicopter’s rear clamshell doors make luggage storage convenient and simple.

Application Areas

EC135P2i/T2i Corporate (2236 KB)

EC135P2i/T2i Police (1611 KB)

EC135P2i/T2i Gen (2473 KB)

EC135P2i/T2i Rescue (1732 KB)

Helicopter Dimensions
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