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Logistics and spares supply is one of the prime elements of our Support Service. Indocopters is committed to provide an expert and responsive service to all the operators for routine/expedite and AOG requirements. Our dedicated team operates closely with the Eurocopter logistics departments. The team works with the customers to anticipate their forthcoming requirements of spares and to provide them with the options to optimize availability of their helicopter.

Indocopters is working closely with major foreign suppliers of helicopter spare parts, building a robust distribution network of innovative product line in India. Citing some examples of business cooperation in this field, Indocopters is working with Air BP, a major energy company which supplies both aviation fuels and lubricants to the aviation industry, and with Aerospace Products International (USA), a leading provider of hardware and consumable parts for helicopters and fixed wing aircraft.

For additional information contact logistics@indocopters.com.